Our Network

Ollie Bishop

Ollie is a long-suffering Tottenham fan, and specialises in economics and other mathsy stuff. He once interviewed Dan Walker (yes, Dan Walker, the BBC anchor), and has since decided that he doesn’t like the BBC.

You can find him on Twitter here.

Mike Butler

Mike is a Norwich fan and specialises in tactics and on-pitch stuff, although he does inadvertently wander into the politics-region of the site from time to time. He also edits the site.

Mike once interviewed Ray Parlour and has since become a closet Arsenal fan, although he won’t admit this to anyone.

You can find him on Twitter here.

River Plato

River Plato is one of the Faculty’s more elusive contributors. He writes under a pseudonym for reasons that no one really remembers anymore, but at this point it’s too late to go back. Plato will delve into a whole range of issues and, most fortunately, hasn’t interviewed anyone yet.

Unfortunately, you can’t find him on social media because he values his anonymity. You can read all of his articles here, though, and even comment on some of them too.

Tom Gurreriro-Davies

Tom is the Faculty’s Italian correspondent, which is basically just a pretentious way of us saying we have a mate in Milan who’s generous enough to write for us on Italian matters.

Tom has a season ticket at the San Siro (he’s an Inter fan), and this year blagged his way to be a steward at the Champions League Final proper.

You can find him on Twitter here.

S. Kickergaard

The Faculty’s newest and finest contributor, Mr. Kickergaard was born and raised in the fine hills of northern Scandanavia, fine tuning his extensive knowledge of the game by watching the mighty Malmo.

A Roy Hodgson enthusiast with a hunger for mischief, it must be said that absolutely nothing makes sense about Mr. Kickergaard, including this description of him.


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