The Football Faculty was set up in 2014 as a creative writing outlay for two British university graduates, Ollie and Mike.

Both had at one point aspired to be sports journalists through their own respective blogs, and both undertook internships at a company called the ‘Football Fancast’. Through time, both sold-out and sought different career paths. The site is intended to fit around their other work commitments, which is why the frequency of content published can vary from time to time.

The Faculty remains Ollie and Mike’s attempt to cling to the football-journalism world while they ply their trade in other industries. It aims to produce analytical football content on a range of Political, Economic and Tactical issues within the Premier League, to rival the plethora of transfer rumour stories and general conjecture that emanates from the tabloidy world.

The site looks to talk and address the more serious matters in the game: Real Football Issues.